3 Easy Ways to Keep your Invisalign Trays Clear

3 Easy Ways to Keep your Invisalign Trays Clear Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

Invisalign is a wonderful treatment for adults looking to straighten their teeth without drawing unwanted attention like traditional metal braces do. They’re removable so you can continue enjoying your favorite foods, no risk of getting poked from rogue wires, and with computerized treatment you can see expected results with each aligner change.

With all of the benefits, a common question we get after treatment starts is “how do I keep my aligners clean?” There’s the Invisalign Cleaning System, but considering the aligners are changed so frequently, a little TLC can help you avoid that purchase.

Floss and Then Brush Your Teeth: Before popping in your new trays, floss before brushing your teeth. Start the new set off on clean chompers. This is an important step as it also protects your teeth from marinating in bacteria and acid from a dirty mouth.

Rinse: Rinse your aligners through water every time you take them out. This will keep saliva and plaque from drying which then creates a bad smell from the breeding bacteria.

Soak Your Trays: Using equal parts of warm water and hydrogen peroxide, let your Invisalign trays sit for up to 20 minutes. The hydrogen peroxide will also help kill bacteria. While it may be tempting to use mouthwash, many have dyes that easily discolor the plastic. The alcohol may also damage the aligner.

Invisalign is both an easy and effective for straightening adult teeth. If you have questions about your treatment, or curious to see if Invisalign is right for you, call us today: (816) 746-1200 or request an appointment.

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