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Can I Wear a Retainer Instead of Braces?

Can I Wear a Retainer Instead of Braces Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

At Weber Orthodontics, we are committed to providing you with the best possible orthodontic solutions to your bite and jaw alignment problems. Often, this means traditional metal braces. But we understand that you might be interested in avoiding braces if possible. Many Kansas City-area patients in this situation ask us about retainers. Traditionally, retainers are […]

What You Need To Know Before Your Next Appointment

What You Need To Know Before Your Next Appointment Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

As we reopen our doors, we regard your health and safety as our top priority. That is why we have implemented new patient protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want you to be prepared for your next visit. Please follow these simple steps: Brush and floss your teeth at home. Clean your teeth before leaving home. […]

Why Do Braces Break Sometimes?

Why Do Braces Break Sometimes Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

In an ideal world, braces shouldn’t break. But anyone who has had a brace will know that the reality can be rather different. Breakages can cause problems if they happen often. Treatment times become very long and having to attend for emergency appointments can be inconvenient for families. All of our orthodontic patients receive guidance […]

Common Bite Alignment Problems

Common Bite Alignment Problems Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

In orthodontics, ‘bite’ denotes the way upper and lower teeth fit together. Teeth should fit together like a lid fits on a jar.  The top teeth should surround the bottom teeth and fit snugly together.  When a bite does not fit together correctly, it is called a ‘malocclusion.’  There are 6 common malocclusions that occur […]