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Sleeping With Your Invisalign Tray

Sleeping With Your Invisalign Tray Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

Invisalign treatment requires 22 out of 24 hours of wear per day.  That only time the Invisalign aligners should be out of your mouth is when you are eating, drinking anything but water, and brushing your teeth.  That means that Invisalign must be worn during the overnight hours to procure proper teeth positioning. Sleeping with […]

Early Orthodontics

Early Orthodontics Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

Perhaps you are already planning for the years when your teenager will need orthodontic work. But hearing that your seven-year-old would benefit from orthodontic treatment? That might come as a complete surprise! It’s a recommendation with real benefits, though—early intervention can save children from tooth and bite problems now, and even simplify their future orthodontic […]

Tips For Your Kansas City Invisalign Treatment

Tips For Your Kansas City Invisalign Treatment Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

When you see an orthodontist in Kansas City for Invisalign treatment, there is always a corresponding responsibility to keep your teeth and trays free from cavity-causing food particles. Here are a few helpful tips on cleaning and maintaining invisalign as well as choosing the right orthodontist to help you. Here are a couple dealing with […]

More Adults Are Getting Braces

More Adults Are Getting Braces Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

If you are like most adults, you might rate appearance as an important factor in self-esteem, job success, and satisfaction with life in general. Improving your teeth can dramatically change your appearance and is less invasive than plastic surgery to modify facial features. More and more adults are turning to braces as the way to […]

Why Aren’t My Child’s Permanent Teeth Coming In?

Why Aren't My Child's Permanent Teeth Coming In Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

When your children lose their baby teeth, you would expect their permanent teeth to erupt soon after. However the amount of time it takes for permanent teeth to erupt varies greatly. In some cases, adult teeth may be present as the baby tooth falls out, while in other situations it can take many months to […]

Post-Braces Care: Wear Your Retainer!

Post-Braces Care: Wear Your Retainer Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

Many patients underestimate the importance of wearing their retainers after their braces come off, but it is one of the most critical post care practices to keep your teeth in alignment. Why spend all that time, energy, and money to straighten your teeth when you don’t plan to keep them straightened after treatment? What is […]

How To Get Your Kids Excited About Braces

How To Get Your Kids Excited About Braces Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

While Dr. Weber deals with braces and Invisalign day in and day out, at one point she was a patient herself. So, she knows kids, teens, and, yes, even adults sometimes have a little apprehension about the thought of having metal wires and brackets adhered to their teeth for a prolonged period of time. Our […]