History of Orthodontics

History of Orthodontics - Kansas City - Weber Orthodontics

If you listened to certain preteens who have to wear braces, you may be coerced into believing that nobody has ever felt the pain and challenges of braces in quite the same ways that they have. After all, you, or anyone else for that matter, couldn’t possibly understand what they’re going through. That child just may be surprised to find out that not only are they not the first to have a mouth full of braces, but that the practice of orthodontia has been performed for years, in much less comfortable situations then theirs.

Though the specialty of orthodontics didn’t really start developing until the 17th century, evidence points to the use of metal apparatus for dental conditions dating back to ancient times. Numerous mummified corpses have been discovered with metal bands wrapped around their teeth. After many centuries, the practice of straightening teeth was documented by French Dentist Pierre Fauchard in the book “The Surgeon Dentist”. Fauchard is often credited as the inventor of modern orthodontics by using a horseshoe-shaped iron device he referred to as the “Blandeau”. After centuries of improvements and scientific innovations, modern orthodontia continues to advance with the addition of new materials and more comfortable techniques.

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