More Adults Are Getting Braces

More Adults Are Getting Braces Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

If you are like most adults, you might rate appearance as an important factor in self-esteem, job success, and satisfaction with life in general. Improving your teeth can dramatically change your appearance and is less invasive than plastic surgery to modify facial features. More and more adults are turning to braces as the way to change their appearance. Over 1.4 million adults sought orthodontic treatment in the U.S. and Canada in 2014, up from 1 million in 2012. Read on to find out why more adults are choosing braces as a treatment option.

Never Too Old for Braces

A smile that shows the teeth is thought to express greater happiness and more sincerity than a smile that doesn’t. Research indicates that smiling reduces stress and creates feelings of happiness, and that feeling can last throughout the day. But those who aren’t happy with their teeth may smile and talk in ways that try to hide them.

It’s easy for you, as an adult, to understand when we tell you that braces do more than improve your appearance. Crowded or crooked teeth increase the risk of decay and gum disease by making it harder to maintain proper oral hygiene. Misaligned teeth or jaws can lead to chewing and swallowing difficulties, problems pronouncing certain sounds, and excessive stress on muscles that can cause facial pain — all of which can be alleviated, in many cases, by braces.

Adults may feel more self-conscious about wearing braces than younger patients who may have many friends in braces. Fortunately, there are more orthodontic options today than the mouthful of metal that comes with traditional braces, especially for adults who usually are dedicated to following treatment care instructions. There are braces with clear brackets and thinner, NASA-inspired wires, and “invisible” aligner options like Invisalign® that are nearly unnoticeable.

Braces are no longer thought of as just for teens, and the number of adults opting for orthodontic treatments grows every year. Don’t spend another minute wishing you had the perfect smile. Become one of the millions of adults who are making the smile of their dreams come true. Call us today to find out more about our orthodontic services or to set up an appointment.

At Weber Orthodontics, we care about your kids’ health, and want their first dental experiences to be good ones. We offer traditional, clear, and Invisalign braces. Contact our office by phone (816) 746-1200 or complete our appointment request form to schedule an appointment.

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