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Myths About Braces - Weber Orthodontics

As your Parkville orthodontist, our entire staff at Weber Orthodontics has heard a lot of the misinformation and myths surrounding braces. Even with approximately 4 million people in the United States wearing braces, there remain several misconceptions about braces. Much like what we do to our patient’s teeth, we’d like to set the record straight regarding the following myths about braces.

  • MYTH: Only children wear braces. FACT: More than 20% of orthodontic patients are adults.
  • MYTH: Orthodontia is painful and can take years to see results. FACT: After the initial fitting and adjustments, braces can be comfortable, even unnoticeable, and today’s braces often show results in a matter of months, not years.
  • MYTH: Braces are good only for extreme dental cases. FACT: Though braces are probably most known for closing gaps between teeth, aligning crooked teeth and adjusting “buck teeth”, braces can help with less extreme problems also, including problems with tooth grinding and eating problems.
  • MYTH: Braces are ugly. FACT: Today’s choices in orthodontia include less invisible options and Invisible options. Other choices allow the wearer to decorate their braces with colorful bands or brackets.

Weber Orthodontics is the local choice for braces in Parkville, MO and surrounding Kansas City areas. After years of providing orthodontic services to the residents of Parkville, we have the experience to deal with a myriad of dental issues and we offer various treatment options. Call Weber Orthodontics at (816) 746-1200 to request an appointment or fill out our online form.

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