Need an Orthodontist in Kansas City?

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Need an Orthodontist in Kansas City?

In this article we’ll be going over several reasons why it’s a good idea to consult a qualified orthodontic professional to determine whether you or your family is in need of braces or Invisalign. So without further ado, here are 6 benefits to getting braces for both you and your loved ones.

Reason #1: Braces Will Improve Your Health

Really, it can! Crooked teeth are harder to brush and floss properly, which can result in significantly more cavities and increase the need for dental work like fillings and root canals (which can be scary and stressful). Also, without proper hygiene your teeth and gums can develop something called gingivitis, which can lead to the need for dentures in mid-life. So, because braces will help align your teeth correctly, they can help prevent tooth decay and other serious health problems later in life. If you think about the cost and stress of treating multiple cavities, root canals, and other major dental treatment costs, braces are definitely worth the investment!

Furthermore, since a better bite helps you chew food better, getting braces can help you avoid a lot of stomach-aches (and this can help reduce heart disease)!

Reason #2: Braces Can Improve Breathing

As children age, the roof of their mouth can block the airway as it develops on its own, and as a result, lead to breathing problems, sleeping issues, and plenty more. With the aid of braces, we can reshape and assist the mouth and jaw growth to improve breathing ability.

Reason #3: Braces Can Increase Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Straight and symmetrical teeth allow people to feel more comfortable, confident, and cool in their beautiful smiles and overall appearance. Once the braces are off, your confidence will go through the roof, and in turn increase charisma and social skills! If you’re in need of an orthodontist in Kansas City and surrounding areas then call Dr. Ashlee Weber today to schedule your free orthodontic consultation!

Reason #4: Braces Lower Your Risk of Potential Heart Disease

Believe it or not, people who get braces, especially as a child or teen, experience a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies show that gum diseases such as gingivitis are related to heart disease because bacteria can and will become lodged in crooked teeth.

Reason #5: People With Straight Teeth Make More Money!

Consider this. If you were in charge of hiring someone and you had the choice between someone with nice, straight teeth and someone with crooked teeth and gum disease, which one would you choose?
Various news channels have done stories that demonstrate how clean, attractive people are more likely to be offered opportunities than those who are not attractive. It’s undeniable that having a perfect smile makes a person more appealing, which can only help in the search for your dream job.

Reason #6: Braces Help Your Social Life

A beautiful smile is a big plus when you’re making friends and trying to meet your soulmate, so we want to make sure you look your absolute finest! Whether it’s your children’s future, or your own, there’s no doubt that straight and beautiful teeth can contribute to a successful and happy life.

We at Weber Orthodontics truly hope this article has been helpful to you and remember that if you need a Kansas City orthodontist, please don’t hesitate to call Dr. Ashlee Weber at (816) 746-1200! We hope to see you soon!

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