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Welcome to Weber Orthodontics! We take pride in creating beautiful smiles in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for patients of all ages. No two patients are the same, and our small practice allows us to maintain close relationships with each of our patients to ensure we meet your needs and provide the highest quality care possible.

North Kansas City Orthodontist

At Weber Orthodontics, we take pride in providing high levels of customer service. We make every effort to ensure our patients feel comfortable from the moment they walk through our Kansas City door. Our caring staff strives to maintain excellent communication and attentively works to meet your needs at every turn. Meanwhile, our relaxed office will put you at ease throughout the experience no matter what orthodontic treatment you undergo.

North Kansas City Orthodontist

Dr. Weber consistently provides outstanding treatment and amazing results to children, teens, and adults all across the Liberty and Kansas City, MO areas.

For young children, Dr. Weber places special emphasis on interceptive and preventative treatment. By bringing your child into our office for early treatment, your orthodontist can catch and correct orthodontic problems before they develop into more serious issues. Additionally, at a young age correction is a lot easier because your orthodontist can build on your child’s natural growth patterns to produce more stable orthodontic results, a better facial appearance, and straight teeth.

Utilizing state-of-the-art orthodontic technology, Weber Orthodontics offers a wide array of affordable orthodontic treatment options. From the traditional to the aesthetically advanced, our options can get you the smile you desire. And should you require more work for severe issues, we can combine treatment with surgical options to improve facial symmetry and oral/dental health.