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At Weber Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on our dedication to serving the Kansas City area. We’re proud to be your choice when it comes to looking for an orthodontist in Parkville, MO. Whether it’s fitting you with braces or supplying you with the knowledge to make informed oral health choices, we want to make sure that all our patients are treated with the highest quality of care. We understand that starting to wear braces is a big step for all new patients, but especially for children and teenagers.

A child or teenager is actually at a higher risk for developing dental disease during orthodontic treatment as compared to an adult. One of the reasons for this is that some of the child’s teeth have just recently erupted, making them less resistant to tooth decay. Because of this, it’s necessary for them to give a more concerted effort to caring for their braces and their oral hygiene while wearing braces. Here are a few things your child (or even you) can do to make sure his or her braces are cared for.


When you’re wearing braces, brushing will require you to brush both above and below the wire that runs through the brackets. It’s important to start by pointing the brush into the gum line at about a 45-degree angle. You will want to brush the surface between the gum and the wire, continuing until you clean from the wire to the edge of the teeth. This should be done on both the cheek side and tongue side of all the teeth before finishing by brushing the chewing surfaces. It’s also very beneficial to choose toothpaste with fluoride in it. Fluoride is effective in preventing tooth decay.

Flossing/Cleaning Between Teeth

Flossing with traditional dental floss isn’t possible because of the wire that runs across your teeth. For brace wearers, it’s helpful to use small interdental brushes or special floss threaders. You can also use an oral irrigation device that shoots out water to clean between your teeth. No matter which process you choose, it may seem more time consuming, but you will have healthier and less inflamed gums by remembering to floss.

Using Mouthrinse

If you want to reduce bacteria in your mouth and on your orthodontic appliances, using mouth rinse is a good idea. You can choose an over-the-counter or prescription mouth rinse, but it may be best to ask your Kansas City orthodontist for an opinion on which will be best for you.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet

Consuming a healthy and nutritious diet is actually another way to care for your braces. Food and bacteria can accumulate on your braces and increase the likelihood for tooth decay and gum disease so it’s important to eat well and avoid problematic foods. Some of these foods you will want to avoid include those that are high in sugar or very acidic such as soda and energy drinks. These can also lead to tooth decay and enamel erosion.

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