First Visit

Your first visit to our office is our time to get to know you and let you become familiar with our office and the services we offer. We understand that every patient will have different needs and we look forward to discussing with you what your individualized treatment should look like. We will conduct a treatment consultation on your first visit, looking at your records and giving a brief examination in order to discuss treatment options. We provide clinical diagnosis of the situation and a detailed, written outline of possible solutions, orthodontic goals, and approximate fees (which are based on complexity and length of treatment). This discussion is centered around your needs and we encourage you to bring up any questions or concerns you may have.

Financial Info

Our office aims to give you the best treatment possible at the best price possible. On your first visit, we conduct a complementary search to see if your insurance company carries benefits for orthodontic care. While insurance companies vary and we cannot guarantee your coverage, we strive to maximize your possible benefits and our office can file your claim once treatment has started. keep in mind that orthodontic benefits are different than regular dental insurance, and also that some companies may have a lifetime maximum or age limits. If you have any questions regarding the insurance process do not hesitate to call us. Before your first visit make sure to fill out the Orthodontic Insurance Information sheet and bring it in with you. If your benefits or policies change at any time please be sure to let us know as soon as possible so we can continue serving you well. We offer flexible payment options, so be sure to ask us about auto-drafts for credit cards and bank drafts, and other personalized payment plans.

Patient Forms

Before your first visit, please print out and complete the following forms and bring them in with you. This allows us to set up your account faster and serve you better when you arrive.

Patient Acquaintance Form/Health History Form
Orthodontic Insurance Information
Privacy Policy