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If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment with clear braces, Dr. Ashlee Weber and the team at Weber Orthodontics in Kansas City, MO provide complete information to their patients considering treatment with clear braces. If you are curious if clear braces can help you achieve your orthodontic treatment care goals, here are five common orthodontic problems that clear braces can correct.

What Are the Top Five Problems That Clear Braces Can Correct?

Clear braces are indicated for correcting several orthodontic issues. The top five orthodontic problems that clear braces can correct are:

  1. Misaligned jaw
  2. Misaligned teeth due to overcrowding, spaces between teeth or misshapen teeth
  3. Misaligned bite due to overbite or underbite
  4. Periodontal (gum) problems
  5. Dental hygiene issues due to poor orthodontic conditions

Clear braces slowly move the alignment of your teeth through the strategic placement of the brackets and bands. This movement realigns the overbite/underbite and helps close the gaps between the teeth. The specialists at Weber Orthodontics in Kansas City, MO stress that if these problems are left untreated, you may run the risk of permanent damage to your teeth, jaw, and mouth.

What Long-Term Health Benefits Do Clear Braces Bring?

  • Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, thus reducing tooth decay, gum disease and gingivitis.
  • A correct bite allows your teeth and mouth to chew food the way they’re supposed to.
  • Improper teeth alignment puts extra wear and pressure on adjacent teeth, causing them to wear faster.
  • Correct teeth alignment may also help to correct associated speech issues.

If clear braces are new to you, it is normal to feel some discomfort in and around your mouth during the first few weeks of treatment. The alignment of your teeth and jaw are just beginning to change and improve the overall structure of your mouth and jaw. Over-the-counter pain medication may help to alleviate some of the pain that you might experience after your initial orthodontic treatment. Remember to avoid any hard or sticky substances, such as gum and hard candies, which can cause harm or damage to your clear braces.

What are Clear Braces Made of?

Through both the major dental and orthodontic enhancements we’ve seen over the years, braces have become more comfortable and less noticeable than they’ve been in the past. If you’re thinking about getting treatment with clear braces, here are a few quick details about them:

  • Clear braces consist of a translucent material, a lot of the time these are called ceramic braces
  • More fragile than traditional metal braces, however they are less noticeable and more cosmetically appealing
  • Very popular option for adult orthodontics treatment due to the fact that they straighten teeth without being too noticeable

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Clear braces work by gradually being tightened throughout the course of your treatment, creating a shift in the alignment of both your teeth and jaw and slowly moving them toward their healthy and proper position.

Clear braces can help virtually every patient achieve the healthy mouth and picture-perfect smile they have always wanted. For more information regarding clear braces in Kansas City, MO, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashlee Weber and Weber Orthodontics, please call (816) 746-1200.

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