Will I Have to Wear Rubber Bands with my Braces?

Should You Wear Your Rubber Bands All The Time Featured Image - Weber Orthodontics

Rubber bands are a tool that Dr. Weber may use in your orthodontic treatment plan. The braces themselves will straighten your teeth, but rubber bands will help correct your bite and get your teeth to fit together properly. Dr. Weber likes to use the analogy of tires on a car. We want all 4 tires on our cars aligned so that each tire takes the same amount of pressure. If one tire is taking more pressure than all the rest, that tire will wear out a lot faster and you will need to replace it sooner. The same thing goes for teeth.  If your teeth do not fit together properly, one or two teeth may be taking more pressure when you bite than all the rest. Those teeth will eventually wear down a lot faster and increase the chance of needing crowns, root canals, and other major dental work in the future.

Uses Of Rubber Bands

Rubber bands would help you:

  • Chew food more efficiently
  • Facilitate bite correction
  • Smile confidently
  • Help eliminate the need for more major dental work in the future

Is There Anything To Be Worried About?

Rubber bands in the initial phases will be a bit annoying. They can create a soreness which would last a week at the maximum. But rubber bands are safe on an overall level and even if you mistakenly swallow them, they do not pose any harm.

Different Types Of Orthodontic Rubber Bands

Depending on the type of correction you require, Dr. Weber will refer you a rubber band with a specific size and strength. She may begin you on light elastics so that you can get used to them and then gradually increase the strength. Dr. Weber may also change the configuration that you wear your rubber bands depending on what tooth movement she needs.

Rubber bands are available in different colors and hence can make your braces look appealing. Kids have their share of fun trying out different colors of rubber bands.

What Happens if I Do Not Wear Them?

If you do not wear the rubber bands as prescribed by Dr. Weber, your orthodontic treatment may take longer. If Dr. Weber tells you to wear to rubber bands full time and you happen to only wear them half the time, then it will take twice as long to get the correction that is desired. Dr. Weber tries to get all her patients in and out of braces as fast as possible, so follow her instructions and you will have straight teeth and a proper bite in no time!

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