What to do With a Broken Braces Bracket

What to do With a Broken Braces Bracket - Kansas City - Weber Orthodontics

Many people who have braces are self-conscious about their smile and look forward to the day when their treatment ends, revealing a straightened smile beneath. But during the unfortunate case where one of their brackets breaks, what needs to be done so the braces progress already made in their smiles won’t be stalled or lost completely?

At Weber Orthodontics, Dr. Ashlee Weber has the orthodontic answers for every broken or loose bracket, as well as answers to other complications that can occur with braces. Fortunately, broken brackets rarely necessitate emergency treatment, though they should be dealt with promptly.

Take a look below at a few at-home tips for immediate bracket repair until you can come into your orthodontist for a necessary, more lasting resolution:

  • Remedy For Loose Brackets: Use a small piece of orthodontic wax to reattach brackets that have become loose, or apply wax on top or below the unhinged bracket to cushion the surfaces between the damaged bracket and your gums.
  • Remedy For Wires That Stick Out Or Get Dislodged: Take a pencil and, using the eraser end, carefully reposition the wire so it isn’t so cumbersome in your mouth. Otherwise, you can apply orthodontic wax over the part of the wire that’s sticking out.
  • Broken Bracket Don’ts: Don’t try to cut any loose wires or broken bracket surfaces yourself because you run the risk of accidentally swallowing the piece you cut – or worse, sucking it into your lungs.

If a mouth sore starts to develop because of the broken bracket rubbing against the inside of the mouth, rinse the affected area with an antiseptic rinse. If you don’t have any in your home, warm salt water will do just fine.

For more information on how to temporarily repair broken brackets until you get to your orthodontist, call (816) 746-1200 today and find out for yourself why broken brackets don’t have to ruin your smile here in Kansas City!

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