Why Aren’t My Child’s Permanent Teeth Coming In?

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When your children lose their baby teeth, you would expect their permanent teeth to erupt soon after. However the amount of time it takes for permanent teeth to erupt varies greatly. In some cases, adult teeth may be present as the baby tooth falls out, while in other situations it can take many months to not at all. Do not panic if you notice that you children’s new teeth aren’t erupting; there are several reasons that the development of a child’s permanent teeth can be delayed.

Reasons for Delayed Eruption of Permanent Teeth

There are several developmental conditions that can cause your child’s permanent teeth to be delayed in their eruption. If you are concerned about their dental development, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with us at Weber Orthodontics for an examination to determine the cause. Depending on the reason, orthodontic treatment may be needed to correct the issue. Possible reasons for delayed permanent teeth development include:

Not Enough Space

Permanent teeth are typically larger than baby teeth in size, meaning that they will take up more space in the mouth. If a baby tooth is lost and there is not enough space for the new tooth to erupt, it will be delayed until the space is sufficient. This is common if your child still has baby teeth that have yet to fall out. Orthodontic treatment can help create the space necessary to have the permanent teeth erupt properly.

Teeth Erupting in the Wrong Direction

It is possible for the permanent teeth that have developed underneath the baby teeth to be heading in the wrong direction. The tooth veers “off course” from the proper path can end up stuck, or impacted. This can happen even if there is plenty of space for the teeth to erupt. Taking your child to the orthodontist to examine the development of their adult teeth can help prevent this. Sometimes removing a baby tooth can put the adult tooth back on the correct the path of eruption. If the tooth continues to erupt in the wrong direction, orthodontic treatment may remedy the situation.

Missing Permanent Teeth

Some people never develop all of their permanent teeth. For reasons unknown at this time, people can have either one or more teeth congenitally absent (missing), and the tooth never forms in the jaw bone. It is important to know if you or your child is missing any permanent teeth so that a proper plan can be set in place when the baby tooth falls out. Orthodontists have specialized training to diagnose and treat this particular patient to an aesthetically pleasing result.

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